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We Aren't Just Carpet Cleaners, We Are Carpet Doctors!

Hydra Carpet Cleaning is “Clean Trust” certified through the IICRC governing body. Our two employees work together on all cleaning jobs. Our lead person is a Master Textile Cleaner (highest rank in the industry) with 20 years of experience. Carpet manufacturers now require a certified technician to clean your carpet to uphold your warranty. Our technicians always have their credentials with them for proof of certification.

Why Hydra Carpet Cleaning?

What’s the difference? A highly trained person knows how to identify what type of fibers were used to manufacture your carpet and upholstery. Identification is vital so they know what acidic level of cleaning solution to use. Spot and stain identification is important to safely remove them without making matters worse. For more information, visit the consumer website at External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.IICRCR.org

Our Cleaning Process

Our machine is the Vortex which is shown in our Service page. Our hot water extraction system is the world’s most powerful cleaning unit available in the industry. It runs a consistent 250 degree water temperature with three times the vacuum strength of other truck mount systems. Hotter water and a stronger vacuum gives you cleaner carpets and faster drying time which are both the keys to cleaner carpet and upholstery. Water that is higher in temperature cleans better, and a stronger vacuum removes most of the moisture. The hot water and cleaning solution combined are what the soil in the fibers cling to during the cleaning process.

More moisture removed during the cleaning process assures more dirt and soil will be removed, leaving you with cleaner carpets and upholstery. The truck mount hot water extraction system is what most carpet manufacturers require you to use when having your carpets professionally cleaned. Hydra Carpet Cleaning’s use of the Vortex System operated by our highly trained technicians gives you the best results possible.

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